Monday, December 15, 2008

Erie In The Fall

I see her vastness from the bluff
Her waters are rigid
Not like the calmness she displays during the heated summer months
Her waves pound against undaunted boulders
They endure the blunt of her punishment without protest
But is it punishment perceived?
Could it be a raging beauty
dancing with the forceful winds?
Could her swaying be a melodic response to the singing gulls
hovering above her in anticipation of their next meal?
Maybe the cold irritates her
Maybe it's the tickling from her inhabitants;
yellow perch and walleye, and rainbow smelt
Maybe it's the feeling of being alone on those brisk, autumn evenings
which cause her to make a scene for attention
So she rumbles and sways
and as the wind cuts past my ears
I could hear what sounds like distant cries
begging me to stay
She doesn't want to be alone
I blow her a subtle kiss
Hoping that the breeze doesn't rob me of my efforts
I turn and slowly walk away
Her waves pummel furiously as a way of telling me to stay
She doesn't want to be alone


  1. Dane, this is quite beautiful and different from what you write, it sounds like something beautifully personafied. The 7th stanza took my breath away, orchestrated quite eloquently and rythmically. If I weren't at work I would close my eyes and sway inside. And yes, "sometimes" I don't want to be alone. My sense drink you, my dear.


  2. Sorry, I will learn to type without typos...the last line of my comment should be...My senses drink you:)

  3. Wow..even your comments are poetic! Thank you, tremendously.