Friday, December 5, 2008


Grasping for life
The world is turning
And yet I stand still
I can’t seem to find the plug to
Stop this emptying of my soul
When it is this woman I’m trying to fill

Losing in life
When my goal was to win
My soul complains
But not even I care to listen

Grasping, I lose what I never found
Though I see
My step is unsure of solid ground

Peeling my wounds so that I can feel
I reach inside this can
There is nothing there
That feels real

Time rolling on by
Too lazy to raise my hand to wave good-bye
Wishing and fit-pitching
For my lot
Blaming my fault for what I want
And what I ain’t got

My tail sore
Looking, but never
Going through the door

© Alya Landry 2008

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