Friday, December 5, 2008

Jai's Good-bye

{Inspired by Joshua Redman's "Make Sure You're Sure}
Baby are you sure? Because on the other side
Of this door means no more
I couldn't stand the idea of apart
But I understand if you must go
I'll just sit here and fall to pieces in the dark

Are you sure? Because good-bye means
Ending you and I
Recall if you will the moments spent
Darl’n, if I've ever done you wrong
Let me bend low and repent

My pity is shameful yes, I know
But tell me love, how is it that together
Can let go?

Baby make sure that you're sure is my final plea
Because I can't hold you if you need to be free
Where you leave me is where I'll be
When you want to come keep my loneliness company

Look me in my eyes and tell me good-bye is fine
And I swear I won't be alright
Just leave me a touch of uncertainty
That maybe one day you'll return to me

Before you go, there is something that you must know...
I love you from the beginning to the last
Future, present and past
You will transcend all loves to follow
Though they may fill my days
Inside I'll remain hollow

Baby, should you ever need me, remember...
Right here is where I'll be
Every day for you my heart will yearn
I'll leave the door unlocked
Should you ever return

No questions asked but this last
Are you sure?
Jai softly whispered

© Alya Landry 2008

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