Friday, December 5, 2008

Still Standing

{Inspired by Aleja Bennett}
Through trials and pain
You couldn’t break me with your hands
Look! I never fell.
I’m still standing

My skin is thick
And my wounds are deep.
My insides rotten from years of neglect
I’m empty-go ahead, take a peek

My world spinning
Looking at myself
Barely recognizing it’s me;
Three hundred and sixty degrees of misery.
Only silence hears my screams

No escape do I find
I rise within myself
And yell to the top of this hell
“No more can you take
The fear I no longer possess;
No longer can you break
The shell I left”

Tried to crush me to depth’s ground;
Like pumice I’ll never sink.
What did you think?
Don’t look down because I’m here
And this self that is me I found

I am whole.
In my heart lies my soul
Take it again?
I don’t think so!

Take a look in all directions
Here I am...
I am still standing!

© Alya Landry 2008

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