Saturday, December 27, 2008

Virgin Steel Lips (Once Again)

I'm nervous as hell
But I'm about to crack out of this shell
Let this gift sift through virgin steel lips
That have never kissed amplified sin
That digs so deep that outside wants in
This pen keeps dribblin', scribblin'
Bouncing and shooting
All my fears I'm trying to miss
But they keep going in

Blessed of hand and of tongue
I am many, but really only one
I'm nervous as hell as I step to this
But it ain't no way to conquer it other than to do it

Let me flow...

Check the math
Pen + Pad = me
Divisible by only who I know how to be
Multiplied by endless possibilities
= my truths and words
pull y'all ears to this
I know you hear
But tell me if you heard

My sin lies buried in once blank canvases
That now bear the wounds of pain and
Fornicated crevises
My healing cannot begin
Until I voice my sin

Cold is this steel
That warms my soul
I hold it tight
So it can feel my fright

I open my mouth to put it down
Ain't no turning back now
I'm about to let go

© Alya Landry 2008

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