Friday, December 5, 2008

Your Words


{Inspired by Dane Dawson}

Your words
Full of love
Fills this emptiness I feel
A figment of my imagination?

You are very real
Your words take me in like air;
They settle down with me in darkness
And love me tenderly-passionately
The world is quiet;
The earth retires from
Spinning on its axis
For just a few brief moments
Your words dance with the butterflies
Fluttering inside, captivating me
Your words you give so freely
But the Lady behind you disguise
I close my eyes and you are everything
I imagined you to be

The only thing missing - you here with me
Though we have never crossed paths;
You are very familiar to me
As the essence of your words' presence
Has graced me with glimpses
Into the beauty of this elusive
Poetic Princess
Laughing a lonely
Lover’s laugh
I grin
Slowly clutching
Your words to me
I take you in
The earth spinning
the world…


© Alya Landry 2008

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