Monday, February 16, 2009

A Note From P.E.G.S Editor...

Hello Fellow Poets!

From time to time it is necessary for the PEGS Editor to sweep this page for questionable content. As you all know Alya and PEGS are dedicated to showcasing the best of the best poets and writers. All poets are most welcome to request an invitation to add their creative works to share and comment. The reputation of PEGS is one that fosters the creative poet/writer and the desire to write works that can be showcased and rewarded. We trust that all poets/writers will adhere to these simple guidelines. We would ask everyone posting to this page to display a decorum that reflects writing excellence and integrity and ultimately a representative of PEGS and the PEGS growing Poet family.

PEGS reserves the right without notification to withdraw/delete any entries that are deemed unacceptable/abusive/overly provocative or of a violent nature. Abuse of this page can result in revocation of posting privileges.

PEGS is dedicated to building a community that is unlike any other. One that truly highlights what PEGS stands for-Poets EnlighteninGenerationSeperated. In the mean time, please keep those pens moving and the creative thoughts flowing

PEGS Editor~

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