Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tainted Pictures

Tainted pictures leave me confused
Bruised. Your words of pride pushed through me
Can't you see.
Sour love will never last long enough
Your eyes tell a bluff
You leave my soul in chains
My tears in cuffs.
I walked away to free you You don't believe me but its true
You see, tainted pictures leave me confused
Shattered and bruised
I cannot love you knowing I'll loose
Tell me what you choose
Broken hearts can never pretend
A scare that penetrates will never mend.
Go please let's not tear each other apart
Love is pain they say that's the art.
My plea you dismissed
You threw me out into the abyss,
Now our frame is broken
From the words unspoken
Our history is frozen.
Tainted pictures leave me confused
Ugly and bruised.
Created By Aretha Forrest


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