Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm ready, but love I don't want to go

Your eyes my love are the same
That met mine oh so many years ago
Tears flooding my soul at this moment
Together keeps us alive- keeps us holding on;
I'm ready, but love I don't want to go

The tenderness shared will let us endure forever

Spanning across time
Forsaking distance

You will always have me to hold
Though the time has betrayed us now
I'm ready, but love I don't want to go

Take my hand and let's walk across the memories
That brings light to this freshly fallen night
Shhhh...quiet now
It's time for farewell's good-bye
Let me disappear like a shooting star
Ahead of you, I'll never travel too far
Whisper my name in the fall of Autumn
Should loneliness ever come
Let happiness hold you if you will
And remember with a fire in your heart
That I love you
Even still...

May you never come to know
No matter how ready
I never wanted to go....

© Alya Landry 2010


  1. Such touching and sad poem, gorgeous

  2. passionate words.
    well penned.

    bless you.

  3. Heartbreaking whispers. Well expressed.

  4. poem still haunts me...u knw me