Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Guess This Is Good-Bye For Now...

I guess this is good-bye for now
We've taken each other as far as we can go
It's been a long road
And now its time to go home
The years have passed us by while we have stood still
Numbed by time, our hearts have grown so cold we can't feel
May the tears fall like rain to wash your spirit anew
When the battle is over- wait for me and I'll be right here waiting for you
Something tells me that we'll meet again my friend
For just a while, I guess this is good-bye for now...

Alya Landry's Pegspoets™


  1. Such a sad emotional poem beautifully done =)

  2. positive,
    sharp words, well delivered.

    how do you do?

    do come join poets rally today.
    bless you.