Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Longest Day

The piano plays the song of such
Lonesomeness since you’ve gone
Seems like the longest day that will never end
A day so long that keeps lingering and holding on

The sun never rises in my aching heart
Though the clouds break- it always feels dark
The rain keeps on fallin’ as my weeping tears
Tirelessly crawl and wrap themselves into a fetal ball

I can hear the wind crying as it
Rocks my sorrow’s sighing
The drummer plays for my soul
That feels like dying

The ladies grind quietly to dust
And drip with anger
As the windows to this life closes
And death is no longer a stranger

This day seems so long
Though I hold you
In my memory
You're presence is gone

O, if this pain would break
Like my heart that aches
With a slow throb that my chest cannot contain
If I bottled this hurt
I swear it would always rain

© Alya Landry 2008

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