Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Surfacing from the pain
That drowned my sorrow and shame
Pulling the plug from the drain
So I can stand the rain
Looking back to what is hurtful- no more
My direction is forward
What came last is now what comes before…
Any selfish device
That keeps my soul on ice
I’m thawing from a long cold
I almost gave up
But I know this state ain’t my mold
Breaking free so my lungs can breathe
Panting like a dog and fighting like a mad man
Anything in my path is now underneath me
Peeling from the fetal position
I am metamorphizing
To invincibility from victim
Bumped and bruised and nearly crushed
Through the blows I held myself together
Like a sponge- full
I let go and rose like pumice
Defeat tried to hold me down and under
My imploded soul erupted and cracked like thunder
I gathered my limbless heart that had been sawed asunder
The rain floods my soul as I hold my breath
I close my eyes and surface

© Alya Landry 2008

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