Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Play the sunrise until it sets
Play until sorrow’s way we forget
Play the blues to chase the grey away
Play yesterday so we don’t have to let go of today
Play the memories that dance
In my aching heart
Play them so I don’t have
To hear the echoes of apart
Play the sadness that resides within
Play forgiveness of a soul tattered and thin
Play a beauty that my eyes have never beheld
Play love’s touch that needs to be felt
Play forever endlessly
Play until relentlessness finds and holds me
Play hello’s beginning just as we say goodbye
Play reason’s reason for why
Play the tears that fall tenderly
Play my heartstrings that recall you fondly
Play the mute heart that never embraced farewell
Play quietly now so my frailty you can feel
Go ahead. Play…
© Alya Landry 2008

1 comment:

  1. Gosh there's alot of poems here!! I decided to start at the beginning...and since I should be studying for a calculus exam, I only made it to the 5th poem. But, out of those five this is my favourite :).
    You have a talent with words! Keep writing, I'll come back when my exams are done.
    I especially like the line "play yesterday so we don't have to let go of today". There are so many thoughts tied up in that line, it paints a picture of a late night that doesn't want to turn into tomorrow, so it thinks about yesterday instead :).
    Haha, sorry for rambling...personally I like long comments, so i tend to give them!
    Keep up the great writing.