Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Who Is The Pencil Character?
For those of you that may want to know who that pencil guy is...That is my official logo for P.E.G.S. His name of course is PEGS. He was created from nothing by a wonderful artist, Jim Hurguy. Jim took an empty space in my head and drew (no pun intended) from some thoughts I had and after going back to the drawing board (ok, that's another bad pun!) and lots of attempts, PEGS came to life.In the very near future Pegs will be availble to purchase on T-shirts, hats, back packs (just to name a few) My goal for PEGS is to make it one of the most widely recognized logos in the poetry community. Please spread the word to evryone you know. Please stay tuned for updates...

Alya's PEGS

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