Monday, December 1, 2008

Back In The Day

Afro puffs, shags, beads and braids
Slicked back and to the side
With daddy’s pomade

Marbles, yo-yo’s, and jacks
Bell bottoms, polyester
Butterfly collars and stacks

Roller rinks and Parliament’s
Every Saturday night

Hoola hoops, lemon twist
Back in the day
When kids were kids

Iron-ons and patches
Shorts your mama cut
From a pair of pants that
Looked like eggshells

Tricycles with the tassels
It was a good day when the neighborhood
Bullies weren’t a hassle

New PF. Flyers- thought you were maxin’
Pulled up to the group with your
Big wheel with the skid out action!

Red wagons, glass bottles, and aluminum cans
Mike & Ike’s Now and Laters, Boston Baked Beans
All play stopped when you heard the ice cream man

Playing paddle and ball
Junior rollin’ by with
The wax still on his car
And gansta’ white walls

Fuzzy dice and boom boxes
When dudes were cats
And chicks were foxes
The Jackson 5’s on 8-tracks
And cussing was whack

Can we find our way
To back in the day?

© Alya Landry 2008

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