Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Blues Forooze (Virgin Steel Lips) Revisited

{Inspired by Boney James "You Don't Have To Go Home}
Hey, I know you’re not suppose
To be here and I know you have go
But there’s a few things I just need to say…
A few things you need to know
Tell me, would you be surprised if you knew
I got a blues forooze called you?
I can’t front because you make my lies tell the truth
I can’t quite describe it as good as I sho it…but let me try
Umm…tell me sweetheart, have
you ever been touched by words
Through unspoken lips
I mean your ears would listen
But it would be your eyes that heard
Oh, have you ever known love as an unselfish giver
I mean that kind of love that reaches down into your
Heart and makes your soul quiver
Or kisses
That drip sweeter than molasses
Honey, I ain’t even gon’ ask
The story of abandonment dangles in your eyes
Let me comfort it-stay the night
Don’t tell me you have to go and I’ll ever see you again
Because it would have been better for me to be blind
So this picture of you wouldn’t replay in my mind
Darlin’ would you be surprised if you knew
The things I want from you?
Is nothing at all
Simply that other connection
When you pick up and call
Me for a little company
Tell me what you need
I left a second ago to get
To where you need me to be
This blues forooze
Is about to make me lose my cool
But I like it though is got me going insane
Funny, I know I’ll never have you
Close your eyes for a moment
And imagine feeling
Your tears sweat
And your apprehension forget
Don’t ask me because I can’t
Explain these blues
But wouldn’t you be surprised if you knew
How I try to shake you
From my mind
Only to turn around to
Find you’re taking my time
You got me bowing my head
Shooting rounds at these thoughts
But they refuse to stay dead

© Alya Landry 2008

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