Monday, December 1, 2008

Good Old Days

shuckin' corn
early Sunday mornin'
poppin' beans
cleaning greens
scraping potatoes
mama screaming
outside for you to go
dusty front yards with grass in patches
bunny hopping, double dutch
any bounce and relay races to see
who could run the fastest
microphones? broomsticks and mop handles
oops! mama forgot to pay the bill
where’s the candles?
album covers used for dustpans
grocery bags as garbage cans
sitting on the porch
drinkin' from mason jars
screaming "THAT'S MY CAR!"
33's as frisbees
black ingenuity
aerodynamic masterpieces!
hangers brought reception to your TV
do y'all feel me?
talking back to mama
you were dead
she wore that hind out
then asked you what
kind of "Kool-Aid" you wanted
with tears in your eyes you said"RED"
crates as basketball hoops
books as steering wheels;
Saturday mornin'
splash your face off to the group
straightenin’ combs
home before those lights came on
where did the good old days go?
mother may I?
red light. green light, simon says
got your tag, duck, duck, goose
no peekin'
the good old' days
as Stevie Wonder said
"I wish those days could come back once more"
days no matter how old, we all long for

© Alya Landry 2008

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