Friday, November 28, 2008

Beneath the Cherry Blossom Tree

{I wrote this poem a few days after my great grandmother passed away}
Sitting in the e
mpty space she use to fill
I try to absorb her absence
To drown this loneliness I feel

Life left right before my eyes
As I held her hand and whispered
The promise to see her in paradise

I’ll see her beneath the cherry blossom tree
That will oddly bloom in the Fall
And the traces of tears will no longer linger
And pain will not be remembered at all

Happiness will abound in her soul
And she will leap as if a gazelle
And she’ll recall the stories
Of this place I used to tell

No more will there be a need for good-bye
For every day will bring an everlasting new sky
Beauty as far as time will take her
And we’ll stroll barefoot together
Reuniting after a painful time apart
I’ll make it through is the promise I gave
From my soul and heart

What a time this will be
When the hold of sleep sets her free
And there standing is where I’ll be
Waiting anxiously beneath the cherry blossom tree

For just a little while I must let go
But my precious one
It is saying good-bye
That we will be able to say hello
Momma, I’ll hold your promise that you’ll be there
And you will look for me
And if you should forget
Just look beneath the cherry blossom tree
I promise.
That is where I’ll be...
I promise...
© Alya Landry 2008

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