Friday, November 28, 2008


Tired of struggling
Tired of wondering and not knowing
If my lights, gas and phone will be on
When I get home

Tired of living pay check to pay check
I have to shrug my shoulders just to keep
The collectors from breathing down my neck

O pay check I work hard for you
Don't you know my rent is due?
All these dips in my pocket
Like I some kind of “31 Flavors”
I'm struggling with embarrassment
Not to borrow sugar from my neighbor

Robbing Peter to pay Paul
When I still owe my
Brother, sister and Mama!
Feel me, y’all?

Working over time just to breathe
My ends have to get a running start
Just to try and meet

Like a tight rope walker
I want my checking account to
Have balance
I want to go into the store- not
Just walk by and glance

I want to have enough to give to others
And finally pay back my
brother, sister and mother

Don’t get me wrong
I ain’t striving for riches
I got the necessities;
I just want some of the wishes
© Alya Landry 2008

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