Friday, November 28, 2008

Fight, Battle and Struggle

Here lies my fight, battle and struggle
My inner conflict of heart;
Trying to fight off the temptation to do wrong
But the desire like glue holds on

I try to break away and apart
From this stain of worthlessness;
Instead I swing on shadows in the dark
I'm adding, but the sum of my life
Doesn't make sense

I see a way out
But this temptation that taps on me like shoes
Causes me to doubt
So my anticipation to move forward
Is halted by reservation

Do I give up and stop trying to attain
A peace of mind and in it remain
This struggle and this fight
Forever pushing and pulling
On me when my direction is right
…Am I weak?
Because air seems hard to breathe...
I have grown tired and weary

Trying not to fall into the hole of self-pity.
Reminders of a dismal past

Now reflects through sin's glass

I am ashamed to look and to read
Passages of haunting memories that
Like a criminal can be traced back to me
I am tried and convicted
My life's choices is the only needed evidence

Fight, battle and struggle
My sentence

© Alya Landry 2008

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