Friday, November 28, 2008

Filthy Sassy Chile

(Inspired by 'Miles Davis Generique')
Filthy sassy chile
A street harlot from up the way
Living down below
Searching street corners
That only lead her in circles
Taking her right back to the hell
She left just left
Heaven knows she's been spent
With no change for rent

She is a wanderer
Nomadic squanderer
A hit for five;body sold for ten
Don't care where you've been
Starving just to live
Dying as scores mount her
Old enough to be responsible for her birth

Cold earth is her bed
That warms her back
And cushions her knees;
Eyes shamed as they scream
No stand for a toothbrush to clean her teeth
She feels herself slipping from underneath

Reminders of no way out come in
Fashionable Johns and Joes
Fancy cars, polished shoes, neck ties
And money clips
Creeping from uptown to dig into the harlot's hip
Self-deception allows her to believe
She is desired and needed
But the fallacy of her reality returns
As she is left with a green back and wet thigh
Some other junkie's momentary high

Left on the street corner
She has tried to leave
She can only roam
This territory called home;
Her fornicated dignity is all she has to hold
Filthy sassy chile
Scraping for love on the
Bottom of empty garbage cans
Reaching out but ain't no lent hand

Kicked by time
She is running out
Her future- mocked in a puddle
She mimes
Streets wrap her up like a blanket
But there is no heat
Shame drips from her head
She hangs herself in her pity
She is unidentified though used by many
As just another filthy sassy chile
Toe tagged, cooler kept, a spirit long before


© Alya Landry 2008

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