Tuesday, November 25, 2008


{Thanks Lezlie Perry}
Fingertips that tap
like shoes that rap
on floors where I
stand to let this
gift like flour
sift through
virgin-steeled lips
that kiss my soul
as I reminisce
about this and that
you don’t know?
you betta ask
someone who knows this flow…
don’t believe what
you don’t know
listen and learn
from the audience
who for this yearns
let me open your
mind so you can feel me
I know you have eyes
but darlin’ your vision can’t see
don’t worry
I got the keys
let’s go for a ride
my inner side
hold on to your cap
but let your fingers snap…

© Alya Landry 2008


  1. haha, I like it. "don't believe what you don't know" - good. I like how you put that...everyone says seeing is believing, but this is definitely saying that knowing is believing. There is more to believe than just what can be seen. Great thought.

  2. Thanks for the comment Ben! How are you?