Thursday, February 26, 2009


A still silhouette to the sky

In your radiance
you champion the wind
In your untamed wild

Sun beating off your onyx sheen
Ah…how very brilliant you are!

How wild you look
And how incredibly free
My heart beats like a caged animal
In witness to your unlocked soul

Your glorious mane blows
in liberations zephyr
Long and streaming, lustrous blackness

With all the mysteries of you
glowing in your eyes
Such knowing eyes
Your dark chocolate
glistening eyes
That gaze the distance
with wisdom and silence

Proud head, held erect
muscles ripple in the still
I seem to feel I have stumbled on
Something so incredible
To behold you in your moment

Oh, how my soul vociferates….
Yes….cries to you

On that grassy eminence of green
As you ponder when your spirit shall unlock its still
And dash the summer strawberries
In your vivacious way
I cannot help but envy you….

Oh, ebony stallion…..
(As you break into a canter,
and I hear those hoof beats pounding,
and your mane blowing gaily on a mid July breeze)

Run free….just run free!
For you… and for me!

1 comment:

  1. You even write beautiful about animals. My thoughts are prancing.