Saturday, March 7, 2009

In Reverence to Vivaldi's "Storm"

How like a tempest
It rages through my brain
The sound of wild rain
and making love in spontaneous

Sparks fly from the flames
red and burning in the night
A thunder crash inside my head
I feel the lightning stab the cracks
of my heart…. rarely seen….
and far from caressed

Magnificent and virile
Pulsating and sexy
A raw thrash of tenacious
tough notes that glide
and ripple like liquid sunshine


A heavy dew of crystal showers
Tinkling like wind chimes
Vivacious and turbulent

How ripped of defenses
it leaves my naked soul….

Chaotic it titillates and tempts me
with unfettered imaginings
White sand and beaches
Waves splashing bodies
in erotic embraces….

Sweet strawberry wine
Lingers on my tongue
Pink and longing….
as I pirouette…laughing
embracing life and love
and all that makes a smile
reach and touch my lonesome face

Vibrating and vital
Driving notes into my psyche
Dazzling this…..




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