Friday, April 10, 2009


A cell of dreams and childish fears
-with a smile the dream begins
From dark-brown mirrors : sideway glances
burn this winter's spring:

and brought to life..

I sit, enthralled and trapped
a willing prisoner of this sorcery;
Blinded glances, silenced passion
fleeing to the fantasy...

Lost in your soul,

The air trapped in my lungs,

Hoping for release,

Longing for your return...


  1. This is quite haunting. It dripped in my mind line by line. I love the play on words that you used and there was a longing to read it at least three times. The way it ending was perfect as if something needed to be said, but you left that to me the reader. Great job!


  2. thanks alya!
    you just inspired me yet again.. :)