Monday, April 13, 2009


so it's a game of cat and mouse -I chase in masked monstrosity the crooked lines of faces flood the rage of jealousy

hypnotized and nonsensical ; blinded by your truth..
..I taste the sweetness in your eyes as you render me my youth

in a trance of daydream that shape the ancient biting cold,
I set foot on uneven ground & surrender in your world..

the chorus of my very blood and soul and psyche as one
shifts the laws ; breaks the norms - the concert has begun.

fiery steel stung my core and shed my virgin skin
each gasping breath reminds me of our dark, romantic sin..

& as I take each step - I grasp the road of no-redemption,
in forbidden roots I find the ashes of salvation..

the crow now spreads its wings and takes me to that unknown place,
its very eyes cascade of honor for all of my mistakes.

this demented romance has taken all of heaven away ---
in this pleasant crucifixion, in your hellfire, I will stay...

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