Monday, April 13, 2009

vksn (vixen)

imperfection rots my soul - you celebrate in hate
in your eyes i am the sordid daughter led by fate

which intertwined our lives in all of their lost charity
you stab my heart in foolish pride and inhumane brutality

I bleed profusely on the floor and you laugh, unabashed
proud that you have caused my death and wishes it would last

you pounce and drag my lifeless corpse into the realms of hell-
each tear from every nightmare, oh no words can ever tell
how every sin you make is made to exist under my name
and you accuse - you scream, you curse - and not a hint of shame

bruises your mouth..

i hear the tormented cries of a fist-sized machine
gasping and weeping as you take away its bleeding skin

til nothing's left..

in my black dress i walk with a bouquet upon my chest
you lift your hand and begin to hit my face without a rest

without a breath i fall and you mercilessly spat and kicked my head
-if they only knew how you took away each dream i had
how you suffocate me by filling my mouth with grains of sand
stained by regrets - i fall ,you let go of my hand..

some days i wish i never knew your name; your voice i never heard
i could have saved myself from all the cruel hurt

but all's not lost - i find victory from all the pain
my reflection smiles at my throbbing, living brain
which refused to die along with your misery
i live my life and you cannot deny that i have me

me who died a thousand deaths but never dies
a daughter you have killed by all your curses.. all your lies
i live again for my own sake - and maybe for your own
hoping that my resurrection teaches you what is home

and maybe, just maybe you won't die alone..

i retrace each step, each accusation that grew each day
17 years..look at me, i grew up - now hear me say:

"Your very mouth has caused you to lose so much, oh don't you see?
You've begun to lose yourself and now?

tsk.. You're losing me..."

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