Friday, July 17, 2009

his faded jeans

there are things I know don't fit
into the simple valleys of your world...

the very glisten I love is what you hate..
each golden strand that frame my face,
push you away...

this silkened skin; your faded jeans -
we're rugged fashion...
w/ our hearts on our sleeves - we look away,
and yet we hold on,
to each other...

our charade remains unnamed...
the truth we have is far too humble for my pride,
my love commands;
your submission far too harsh
and so i hide...

you laugh - a child - as i raise my tone
to reprimand...
each time you ask, i find that i'm too proud
for your demands...

Too powerful, your beauty and mine
captivate those outside our world-

& we both rule - oh yes, but you crown me
with your heart and callous hands,
each scrape a warmth i love and hate..
your face a blessing & a curse..

I know not if i will stay or run away,

I wonder, how you fell in love
with my promiscuous play...


  1. Blessings....hope all is well with you and life is treating you kind.

    Very complex, highlights the tumultuous relationship with the self & how that then influences and informs the interaction and communication with the significant other.

    Have a good day and a blessed weekend

  2. thanks for the appreciation..

    i mean, really..

    God bless you too, and hope you
    keep checking on P.E.G.S. for more.. :)

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    Bill Austin

  4. Well, well! It is always a pleasure to peek in to see that you have posted something. I am always amazed at your thoughts and expression. I always feel a longing of heart when I read your work...something that I can identify with.

    Take care and please invite some people to PEGS:)


  5. the pleasure is mine alya.. :)

    sure thing, i'll be spreading the word..

    God bless.. :)