Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Too much..

silent..deadly..the taste of regret
poison each chain;
Like cowards, each whisper taunt
a traitor of promises
Each passing day the lies
overpower truth
& the once familiar warmth
turns cold ; a deadly blow..

selfish ignorance
naivity stains trust;
Loyalty loses name;
Respect shamelessly claimed---

-in imposition
by an undeserving adam
without testosterone
whose skin sheds
but never changes...
-clinging to the naivity
and selfish ignorance
branded by your name.

No more lies... so in honesty
respect turns its back on your display
of sordid friendship - tattered by
twisted philosophies..

Too young...Too ignorant...

Too much...

(*a tribute to the friendship you buried and took for granted...)

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