Friday, August 14, 2009


If i could only name each heartbeat
born anew with a single smile
Each chill you send running down my spine..

I would..

but i could only drown in those eyes...

If i could muster up the courage,
and do more than just to stare
I'd kiss your lips and let you know I care..

I could..

but sadly wouldn't dare...

If i could bottle up sensations
i'd keep them near beside my bed,
then i'd only have to reach out
to get you out from inside my head..

oh I would..
in all the ways i could...

but i could only write you verses,
and whisper a prayer or maybe three-
that i'd have the power to love you
with all i am and will ever be..

as you captivate and break me,

falling deeply - helplessly..


  1. Ummmm...thought provoking, full of emotion, love oooozes from every line. Very well written. This is niccccce.

  2. Couldn't be more glad that I found this blog.
    Amazing poem. I can't even write in words how much I was captivated by it.