Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Humble Prayer (from one and for those who hurt)

Faith takes time.

Lord, forgive me if I grieve,
and see only the pain & sadness.
For my heart is clouded by despair.

Humbly i ask
of your patience & understanding
of my human weaknesses.

And yes,right now i refuse to understand,
i humbly ask for your love & kindness
that I may rise above my plans/expectations & accept yours.

W/ all my heart I surrender everything to your power,
for my spirit wavers, & the only light I see is mounted by your cross,
where you carried the weight of the world on your shoulders to save us all.

Your wisdom knows what I may never learn,
Your love transcends all human sacrifice,
teach me ways to see through your eyes,
to love as you have loved...

Teach me forgiveness in this ocean of hate,
Give me eyes that see Your glory
when all I can see is pain and
broken promises...

I humbly ask O Lord, for your forgiveness...
For all I can do right now is doubt, and hate, and hurt...

Faith takes time, but I pray that you shed your light
into my darkened world
that I may not be lost in this ocean of hatred,
where families break and friendships burn...

Teach me to be calm, to be humble.
to be thankful, to see the purpose as I fall
to my knees, and as I bleed
I beg for Your love to sustain me.

I am weak, and though the cross I carry
is far too light than yours, far too small,
May I possess the courage to crucify myself
as I am able to love, not hate,
to forgive and to trust...

and to save those that I love...


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