Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Coffee Shop on 5th & Vine

Sitting accompanied by my thoughts and an oversized mug of something sweet, marked with foam and an extra shot...

I saw you at a coffee shop on 5th and Vine.

Your glasses sat low on a perfectly shaped nose that was built for such an eclectic pose.

Remnants of your cherry lipstick stained the porcelain mug from which you sipped, from your thoughts you were ripped as I interrupted with... "hello."

Squinting, you first examined me searching your mind for a previous memory.

Finding none you placed me in the category of stranger, knowing full well of my intentions.

A half-hearted smile and a look of disgust you used as prevention from further inquisition.

I sat, you sighed, I relaxed, you lied.

Trying to convince me that a male companion was in route, I trusted the source of my doubt.

Relentless to your reluctance I asked your name.

Ebony you said with chestnut eyes rolling from left to right, Ebony I repeated impressed with the insight of the woman or man who knew your chocolate skin would wear you name perfectly.

Legs crossed eloquently, teasing made it hard for me to conceive or believe that I should offer the slightest reprieve from this advance.

Romance is what I sought and with the right words you would have bought into promises I would sell, hell... I had no choice I had to approach.

Small talk was useless and had no effect, I would need the skills of a master wordsmith to impress or erect a relationship from this chance encounter.

Give me a just a moment I begged as I placed a palm on your leg that made you wince, how could you be convinced that fear was the wrong emotion?

Could I use humor to put you at ease or would promises to please invoke the response that I seek?

Refusal to admit incompatibility or inability to persuade I pressed on allowing you to continue your charade… pretending you weren’t the least bit intrigued.

I saw that smile out of the corner of your mouth that was meant for me. I saw your eyes light up as you glanced at a possible future with this debonair suitor.

Covering your mouth trying to hide your embarrassment that you treated my pursuit as harassment, you cleared your throat.

I waited patiently, possibly an apology or even a unique methodology for us to become one would part your lips.

You spoke.

Pointing in the direction behind me, you informed me that the man approaching had rightful ownership to your heart and the very seat I occupied. Your man had arrived.

You stood and embraced the familiar, both of you laughing leaving me behind. Alone as I sat in a damn coffee shop on 5th and Vine.


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  1. Ist Welcome Anthony!
    2nd, tell me this is not a true story? I hate that this ended...I was flowing with u and then....I could scroll no more. I went on the ride though...nice write!