Thursday, August 5, 2010

P.E.G.S- A visit behind the name with founder Alya Landry

Hello everyone!

In my effort to find talented writers and poets, I have received several questions asking about what is the concept and in general- what is P.E.G.S about? Well, here is the story of P.E.G.S

P.E.G.S came to me one day just sitting at work (I should have been working, but anyone who loves to write knows when inspiration hits, the pen and paper rule!) With pen and pad and my mind racing like crazy, I thought about my earlier days when I met a lot of great poets and they were from all walks of life and ages and that is basically how P.E.G.S came to fruition. I meshed together the fact we all loved to write, coupled with the the valuable capacity to learn from older and younger writers respectively. The acronym proved to be a challenge. Some letters came to me easier, but I wanted it to be a name that really captured the meaning of the vision I initially had in my mind. I tossed and turned in my head for it and then it just came to me. The rest as they say is "herstory"

What is my vision for P.E.G.S Poets?
My philosophy was really quite simple behind this. I wanted to create a very comfortable space where people could express themselves and be showcased.

Showcased? Why?
Everything I seem to do is simple. I believe from the bottom of my heart if you treat people right and reward talent, encourage people that struggle with confidence in their writing, seek out their strengths, potential and build up their weaknesses- you give a person wings and they can soar so high. That takes little to no effort and it doesn't cost me a thing.

Since P.E.G.S is really in its infancy stages, people just don't know we are here, so I have to put a lot of time into going to find people, talent, using free resources such as Facebook and Twitter to advertise for me and word of mouth. It's a struggle, but anything in the long run that you love is worth struggling and pursuing. I ultimately believe that when you give from your heart to people, it comes back to you! 

What do I hope to gain?
Again, this is another simple answer:) My hopes for P.E.G.S is to see it change lives, to give people wings to fly and I want to see the P.E.G.S name on T-shirts that have traveled around the world. So if you haven't done so please stop by and customize your P.E.G.S Poets T-shirt today! (the pegs store is right on this page) To see that come to a reality would be so awesome to me and gratifying that my dream came true. When you order a T-shirt please send us a picture and tell me what state you were "Pegged in" We will start a new blog for that as we receive your photos. Oh!!!! please guys order a P.E.G.S Poets bracelet just $2.00 (just another way of trying to get our name out there.)

What do I want from you?
Nothing but the best that flows from your pens and for you simply (there's my word again) to tell people to stop by and flow with us and supports us in making P.E.G.S Poets a place they call home.

How can we personally contact you? or our general email box

I personally will always answer your inquiries within 24-48 hours. And remember, we welcome criticism and compliments and suggestions, so if you have them, we want them.

On behalf of The P.E.G.S Family, I thank you for joining us in our infancy stages and hope that you are there as we continue to grow as a strong poetry community and family!


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