Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Guess This Is Good-Bye For Now...

I guess this is good-bye for now
We've taken each other as far as we can go
It's been a long road
And now its time to go home
The years have passed us by while we have stood still
Numbed by time, our hearts have grown so cold we can't feel
May the tears fall like rain to wash your spirit anew
When the battle is over- wait for me and I'll be right here waiting for you
Something tells me that we'll meet again my friend
For just a while, I guess this is good-bye for now...

Alya Landry's Pegspoets™

Monday, February 28, 2011

Thank you Aretha! how have you been? There are some very wonderful talents on here...have you written anything lately?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

in his kiss

what's not to like?
each cherry lip gloss kiss
seduce innocence
into the warmth
of a gentle predator -

whose eyes relive
the chase of heartbeats
and silent dances
where only hearts
could hear...

what's not to miss?
each collared shirt
and musky perfume,
lavender lace
and high-heeled shoes -

such differences
cascade to hold
each longing embrace
into the littlest part
of eternity...

what's not to love?
when in this prison
freedom lives,
when in this secret
truth survives -

and in his arms
she is saved,
in her kiss
he is made immortal...

and for once
sin has saved them all...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Humble Prayer (from one and for those who hurt)

Faith takes time.

Lord, forgive me if I grieve,
and see only the pain & sadness.
For my heart is clouded by despair.

Humbly i ask
of your patience & understanding
of my human weaknesses.

And yes,right now i refuse to understand,
i humbly ask for your love & kindness
that I may rise above my plans/expectations & accept yours.

W/ all my heart I surrender everything to your power,
for my spirit wavers, & the only light I see is mounted by your cross,
where you carried the weight of the world on your shoulders to save us all.

Your wisdom knows what I may never learn,
Your love transcends all human sacrifice,
teach me ways to see through your eyes,
to love as you have loved...

Teach me forgiveness in this ocean of hate,
Give me eyes that see Your glory
when all I can see is pain and
broken promises...

I humbly ask O Lord, for your forgiveness...
For all I can do right now is doubt, and hate, and hurt...

Faith takes time, but I pray that you shed your light
into my darkened world
that I may not be lost in this ocean of hatred,
where families break and friendships burn...

Teach me to be calm, to be humble.
to be thankful, to see the purpose as I fall
to my knees, and as I bleed
I beg for Your love to sustain me.

I am weak, and though the cross I carry
is far too light than yours, far too small,
May I possess the courage to crucify myself
as I am able to love, not hate,
to forgive and to trust...

and to save those that I love...


Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Coffee Shop on 5th & Vine

Sitting accompanied by my thoughts and an oversized mug of something sweet, marked with foam and an extra shot...

I saw you at a coffee shop on 5th and Vine.

Your glasses sat low on a perfectly shaped nose that was built for such an eclectic pose.

Remnants of your cherry lipstick stained the porcelain mug from which you sipped, from your thoughts you were ripped as I interrupted with... "hello."

Squinting, you first examined me searching your mind for a previous memory.

Finding none you placed me in the category of stranger, knowing full well of my intentions.

A half-hearted smile and a look of disgust you used as prevention from further inquisition.

I sat, you sighed, I relaxed, you lied.

Trying to convince me that a male companion was in route, I trusted the source of my doubt.

Relentless to your reluctance I asked your name.

Ebony you said with chestnut eyes rolling from left to right, Ebony I repeated impressed with the insight of the woman or man who knew your chocolate skin would wear you name perfectly.

Legs crossed eloquently, teasing made it hard for me to conceive or believe that I should offer the slightest reprieve from this advance.

Romance is what I sought and with the right words you would have bought into promises I would sell, hell... I had no choice I had to approach.

Small talk was useless and had no effect, I would need the skills of a master wordsmith to impress or erect a relationship from this chance encounter.

Give me a just a moment I begged as I placed a palm on your leg that made you wince, how could you be convinced that fear was the wrong emotion?

Could I use humor to put you at ease or would promises to please invoke the response that I seek?

Refusal to admit incompatibility or inability to persuade I pressed on allowing you to continue your charade… pretending you weren’t the least bit intrigued.

I saw that smile out of the corner of your mouth that was meant for me. I saw your eyes light up as you glanced at a possible future with this debonair suitor.

Covering your mouth trying to hide your embarrassment that you treated my pursuit as harassment, you cleared your throat.

I waited patiently, possibly an apology or even a unique methodology for us to become one would part your lips.

You spoke.

Pointing in the direction behind me, you informed me that the man approaching had rightful ownership to your heart and the very seat I occupied. Your man had arrived.

You stood and embraced the familiar, both of you laughing leaving me behind. Alone as I sat in a damn coffee shop on 5th and Vine.


P.E.G.S- A visit behind the name with founder Alya Landry

Hello everyone!

In my effort to find talented writers and poets, I have received several questions asking about what is the concept and in general- what is P.E.G.S about? Well, here is the story of P.E.G.S

P.E.G.S came to me one day just sitting at work (I should have been working, but anyone who loves to write knows when inspiration hits, the pen and paper rule!) With pen and pad and my mind racing like crazy, I thought about my earlier days when I met a lot of great poets and they were from all walks of life and ages and that is basically how P.E.G.S came to fruition. I meshed together the fact we all loved to write, coupled with the the valuable capacity to learn from older and younger writers respectively. The acronym proved to be a challenge. Some letters came to me easier, but I wanted it to be a name that really captured the meaning of the vision I initially had in my mind. I tossed and turned in my head for it and then it just came to me. The rest as they say is "herstory"

What is my vision for P.E.G.S Poets?
My philosophy was really quite simple behind this. I wanted to create a very comfortable space where people could express themselves and be showcased.

Showcased? Why?
Everything I seem to do is simple. I believe from the bottom of my heart if you treat people right and reward talent, encourage people that struggle with confidence in their writing, seek out their strengths, potential and build up their weaknesses- you give a person wings and they can soar so high. That takes little to no effort and it doesn't cost me a thing.

Since P.E.G.S is really in its infancy stages, people just don't know we are here, so I have to put a lot of time into going to find people, talent, using free resources such as Facebook and Twitter to advertise for me and word of mouth. It's a struggle, but anything in the long run that you love is worth struggling and pursuing. I ultimately believe that when you give from your heart to people, it comes back to you! 

What do I hope to gain?
Again, this is another simple answer:) My hopes for P.E.G.S is to see it change lives, to give people wings to fly and I want to see the P.E.G.S name on T-shirts that have traveled around the world. So if you haven't done so please stop by and customize your P.E.G.S Poets T-shirt today! (the pegs store is right on this page) To see that come to a reality would be so awesome to me and gratifying that my dream came true. When you order a T-shirt please send us a picture and tell me what state you were "Pegged in" We will start a new blog for that as we receive your photos. Oh!!!! please guys order a P.E.G.S Poets bracelet just $2.00 (just another way of trying to get our name out there.)

What do I want from you?
Nothing but the best that flows from your pens and for you simply (there's my word again) to tell people to stop by and flow with us and supports us in making P.E.G.S Poets a place they call home.

How can we personally contact you? or our general email box

I personally will always answer your inquiries within 24-48 hours. And remember, we welcome criticism and compliments and suggestions, so if you have them, we want them.

On behalf of The P.E.G.S Family, I thank you for joining us in our infancy stages and hope that you are there as we continue to grow as a strong poetry community and family!


Monday, August 2, 2010

PEGS Poetry Contest 50.00 to the winner and extra prizes!!!

P.E.G.S Poets Poetry Contest!!
  • Purchase a P.E.G.S bracelet (2.00) Hey we are trying to get our name out there. so c'mon and support us!
  • Simply submit your original work to:
  • P.E.G.S Judges will select the winners
  • Enter as many poems as you like!
 Winner: $50.00 pegs poets Visa gift card!!

2nd prize: p.e.g.s t-shirt                                              3rd prize: p.e.g.s mug                                          

Spread the word! Our prizes will increase the more popular the contest becomes!

Flow on y'all...we look forward to hearing from your pens!

***Contest ends 9/3/2010*** 

Thursday, January 14, 2010

candy-coated dreams

the drumbeat starts to play
as heartbeats drown as one
like magic confusion goes away
as you took hold of my hand...

like a long-running love song
the mystery of emotions serenade
underneath is one sweet notion:
"maybe love is ours to take."

No trembling hands no butterflies
each look a welcome coaster ride
wonderment's in each quest for answers
the fun's in all the things he hide...

And so she sleeps in softness
of her candy-coated dreams,
of cherry lip gloss kisses;
where all is sweet ---

just as he is.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm ready, but love I don't want to go

Your eyes my love are the same
That met mine oh so many years ago
Tears flooding my soul at this moment
Together keeps us alive- keeps us holding on;
I'm ready, but love I don't want to go

The tenderness shared will let us endure forever

Spanning across time
Forsaking distance

You will always have me to hold
Though the time has betrayed us now
I'm ready, but love I don't want to go

Take my hand and let's walk across the memories
That brings light to this freshly fallen night
Shhhh...quiet now
It's time for farewell's good-bye
Let me disappear like a shooting star
Ahead of you, I'll never travel too far
Whisper my name in the fall of Autumn
Should loneliness ever come
Let happiness hold you if you will
And remember with a fire in your heart
That I love you
Even still...

May you never come to know
No matter how ready
I never wanted to go....

© Alya Landry 2010

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


(For Angie. Thank you for sharing a small piece of your Mom with me)

By Grace I came to be
Her strength and indominable
Spirit resonates through me
The woman who stands here today
Is only through Grace
Falter I may
Wobble I just might
But because of Grace
I know how to stand and fight
Hard on me yes, she was
But I know now it was done all out of love
She prepared for me anything
For the lessons learned have taught
Me to handle life's stings
Small she stood
But oh what an incredible woman she was
Not a day goes by that I don't feel her
Fierce independence and humor
Alone I smile. I laugh. I remember
Though her presence is now absent
I thank God each day for this Grace he sent...

Friday, August 14, 2009


If i could only name each heartbeat
born anew with a single smile
Each chill you send running down my spine..

I would..

but i could only drown in those eyes...

If i could muster up the courage,
and do more than just to stare
I'd kiss your lips and let you know I care..

I could..

but sadly wouldn't dare...

If i could bottle up sensations
i'd keep them near beside my bed,
then i'd only have to reach out
to get you out from inside my head..

oh I would..
in all the ways i could...

but i could only write you verses,
and whisper a prayer or maybe three-
that i'd have the power to love you
with all i am and will ever be..

as you captivate and break me,

falling deeply - helplessly..

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Too much..

silent..deadly..the taste of regret
poison each chain;
Like cowards, each whisper taunt
a traitor of promises
Each passing day the lies
overpower truth
& the once familiar warmth
turns cold ; a deadly blow..

selfish ignorance
naivity stains trust;
Loyalty loses name;
Respect shamelessly claimed---

-in imposition
by an undeserving adam
without testosterone
whose skin sheds
but never changes...
-clinging to the naivity
and selfish ignorance
branded by your name.

No more lies... so in honesty
respect turns its back on your display
of sordid friendship - tattered by
twisted philosophies..

Too young...Too ignorant...

Too much...

(*a tribute to the friendship you buried and took for granted...)

Friday, July 17, 2009

his faded jeans

there are things I know don't fit
into the simple valleys of your world...

the very glisten I love is what you hate..
each golden strand that frame my face,
push you away...

this silkened skin; your faded jeans -
we're rugged fashion...
w/ our hearts on our sleeves - we look away,
and yet we hold on,
to each other...

our charade remains unnamed...
the truth we have is far too humble for my pride,
my love commands;
your submission far too harsh
and so i hide...

you laugh - a child - as i raise my tone
to reprimand...
each time you ask, i find that i'm too proud
for your demands...

Too powerful, your beauty and mine
captivate those outside our world-

& we both rule - oh yes, but you crown me
with your heart and callous hands,
each scrape a warmth i love and hate..
your face a blessing & a curse..

I know not if i will stay or run away,

I wonder, how you fell in love
with my promiscuous play...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


no i cant bear each moment
why do we have to part?
time is of the essence,
so i give you all my heart..

must we be in denial?
our eyes reveal what's true,
the hypnotic appreciation
- i only find in you..

lately it's been harder
to even walk away..
i look back and sigh
as those eyes beg me to stay..

maybe.. tomorrow,
i shall you give you all of me..

but for now, in sweet surrender,
we must wait.. we shall see...

Friday, June 12, 2009


Inspired by Boney James' "Soft"
Please check it out on
Your name
You whispered to me
My ears and shoulders prance in almost a bashful shame
Embraced me in the tenderness of chiffon
I feel your love that touches me often

Oh, spinning in my heart
Weaving you into my being
Love, close is never close enough for me
Dancing whimsically in my soul
Dripping in my memory
Sweet like honey combed
I hear you calling
So, so very soft
Come home...

© Alya Landry 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


...Through my mind
Rolling quietly
Heavy and weightlessly
I feel you echoing
All around and inside of me

Through my existence
You are felt between
The space that separates distance

A touch that makes my hollowness quiver
I am transformed
Changed forever

A bellowing sweet whisper
Hangs in the air
Wrapping me inside its space
So I can breathe when you're not there

...Entered my life
Never saw you coming
Captured me without knowing
My soul touched without hand
My heart rippling
Echoing~ ~ ~


Saturday, June 6, 2009


I wish I could speak to your brokenness
With mended words
How and where would I begin
To start to protect you from
What once existed outside that is now in?

I am torn to shreds
My direction is full of dread
Hurting my heart that reside inside of you
I wish I knew what to do

Lost is the only thing that finds me
Exposing my wounds
My absolute uncertainty
To know how to heal
The hurt you feel...

© Alya Landry 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tainted Pictures

Tainted pictures leave me confused
Bruised. Your words of pride pushed through me
Can't you see.
Sour love will never last long enough
Your eyes tell a bluff
You leave my soul in chains
My tears in cuffs.
I walked away to free you You don't believe me but its true
You see, tainted pictures leave me confused
Shattered and bruised
I cannot love you knowing I'll loose
Tell me what you choose
Broken hearts can never pretend
A scare that penetrates will never mend.
Go please let's not tear each other apart
Love is pain they say that's the art.
My plea you dismissed
You threw me out into the abyss,
Now our frame is broken
From the words unspoken
Our history is frozen.
Tainted pictures leave me confused
Ugly and bruised.
Created By Aretha Forrest


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sweet Intoxication

It was like poison contained in the perfect body
The venom from his lips corrupted me.
The sensation of his magic motion
Sucked me in, hypnotised me and drove me to devotion.

This man was more than fine art
The epitome of confusion, I don’t know where to start.
His voice whispered a spell
And his eyes oozed with more than I can tell.

He possessed dark forces of ecstasy
And the supernatural level of love almost blinded me.
His essence charmed my sprit into submission
He would speak and I would listen.

I was drugged up from his potion
Before the sun woke and dawn had spoken
He released me back into the world and he was but a substance
And I rose with only disjointed memories of his existence.

Created by: Aretha Forrest


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Welcome Aretha!

On behalf of Alya and the PEGS Family, we extend a warm welcome to our newest "Pegged Poet" Aretha Forrest!

Welcome! We kindly look forward to hearing from your pen!

~The PEGS Family

Monday, April 13, 2009

vksn (vixen)

imperfection rots my soul - you celebrate in hate
in your eyes i am the sordid daughter led by fate

which intertwined our lives in all of their lost charity
you stab my heart in foolish pride and inhumane brutality

I bleed profusely on the floor and you laugh, unabashed
proud that you have caused my death and wishes it would last

you pounce and drag my lifeless corpse into the realms of hell-
each tear from every nightmare, oh no words can ever tell
how every sin you make is made to exist under my name
and you accuse - you scream, you curse - and not a hint of shame

bruises your mouth..

i hear the tormented cries of a fist-sized machine
gasping and weeping as you take away its bleeding skin

til nothing's left..

in my black dress i walk with a bouquet upon my chest
you lift your hand and begin to hit my face without a rest

without a breath i fall and you mercilessly spat and kicked my head
-if they only knew how you took away each dream i had
how you suffocate me by filling my mouth with grains of sand
stained by regrets - i fall ,you let go of my hand..

some days i wish i never knew your name; your voice i never heard
i could have saved myself from all the cruel hurt

but all's not lost - i find victory from all the pain
my reflection smiles at my throbbing, living brain
which refused to die along with your misery
i live my life and you cannot deny that i have me

me who died a thousand deaths but never dies
a daughter you have killed by all your curses.. all your lies
i live again for my own sake - and maybe for your own
hoping that my resurrection teaches you what is home

and maybe, just maybe you won't die alone..

i retrace each step, each accusation that grew each day
17 years..look at me, i grew up - now hear me say:

"Your very mouth has caused you to lose so much, oh don't you see?
You've begun to lose yourself and now?

tsk.. You're losing me..."


so it's a game of cat and mouse -I chase in masked monstrosity the crooked lines of faces flood the rage of jealousy

hypnotized and nonsensical ; blinded by your truth..
..I taste the sweetness in your eyes as you render me my youth

in a trance of daydream that shape the ancient biting cold,
I set foot on uneven ground & surrender in your world..

the chorus of my very blood and soul and psyche as one
shifts the laws ; breaks the norms - the concert has begun.

fiery steel stung my core and shed my virgin skin
each gasping breath reminds me of our dark, romantic sin..

& as I take each step - I grasp the road of no-redemption,
in forbidden roots I find the ashes of salvation..

the crow now spreads its wings and takes me to that unknown place,
its very eyes cascade of honor for all of my mistakes.

this demented romance has taken all of heaven away ---
in this pleasant crucifixion, in your hellfire, I will stay...

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Sweet as the combs
Spun like silk
Lingering like the rain's dew
I remember you
Tracing your love
In the emptiness of space
I am filled with wonderment
Of your essence
Though your presence
Softly whispered
Alone on this night


Wash my heart clean of this
Hurt that rages within me without restrain
Waves of hurt clashing
Dashing me to pieces
My soul drowning
My fragmented existence
Floats off into obscurity

© Alya Landry 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Remnants of you settling inside
A cymbal crescendos a cataclysmic silence
I hear you breathe
A heavy cold dust of breath
Warming my fading memory
Fragmented remnants of you
Shattered, scattered into whole pieces
No longer able to find their way again
I am left with the hour glass' sand
Holding the moments shared
Now seeping through my hands
My knees beg the earth
With uncertainty
A Western star shines ashore
Glimpses of a partial soul that once whole bore
Forever's more

© Alya Landry 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

Welcome! xiaRa_08

On behalf of Alya and the PEGS Poets family, we would like to welcome the following new "pegged poet" xiaRa_08! Welcome aboard. We look forward to hearing from your pen!

G. Michaels,

PEGS Editor


A cell of dreams and childish fears
-with a smile the dream begins
From dark-brown mirrors : sideway glances
burn this winter's spring:

and brought to life..

I sit, enthralled and trapped
a willing prisoner of this sorcery;
Blinded glances, silenced passion
fleeing to the fantasy...

Lost in your soul,

The air trapped in my lungs,

Hoping for release,

Longing for your return...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

In Reverence to Vivaldi's "Storm"

How like a tempest
It rages through my brain
The sound of wild rain
and making love in spontaneous

Sparks fly from the flames
red and burning in the night
A thunder crash inside my head
I feel the lightning stab the cracks
of my heart…. rarely seen….
and far from caressed

Magnificent and virile
Pulsating and sexy
A raw thrash of tenacious
tough notes that glide
and ripple like liquid sunshine


A heavy dew of crystal showers
Tinkling like wind chimes
Vivacious and turbulent

How ripped of defenses
it leaves my naked soul….

Chaotic it titillates and tempts me
with unfettered imaginings
White sand and beaches
Waves splashing bodies
in erotic embraces….

Sweet strawberry wine
Lingers on my tongue
Pink and longing….
as I pirouette…laughing
embracing life and love
and all that makes a smile
reach and touch my lonesome face

Vibrating and vital
Driving notes into my psyche
Dazzling this…..




Sunday, March 1, 2009

Those Eyes

Like shots of whiskey your eyes just burn
I….addicted to the fervent heat they pour
This desperate skin just aches for more
A roaring beat…..a rampaging yearn
Tempestuous waters….a storming churn
That penetrates barricades of this core
Molten lava crashes…. (forsaken shore)
Where a fractured heart shall toss and turn

The Wind….it keens of a howling desire
A shattered bewail of distance and dreams
A mewling of tearstained orange red fire
Those hot eyes shred what is left of seams
On a mile high tip toe on a tight rope wire
An eternal lament of kiss me extremes

Friday, February 27, 2009

Upon The Rise...Just I

The first blush of dawn
caresses my skin

A chill wraps me
inside a glow
of pink sky

A misted dew
upon my lashes
and lips taste the linger
of night
that fights the gentle


I sneak out
to sit alone
and watch the sun
with winking eyes
peek and blink
upon the rise

Water colors
(across a sky)

Shades of deep pink
as they drench
a brand new day

What shall I be?
I think...

A smile that trembles
my lips
with a glance from the sun
a frown that stings my face
from the absence of one

Content to linger...
I shrug off reflection
so endless for me...

Like a child with dancing eyes
I devour .....
the loveliness.....
that floods a
Blue Grass Sky

The first fresh blush of Dawn....
and I....

Thursday, February 26, 2009


A still silhouette to the sky

In your radiance
you champion the wind
In your untamed wild

Sun beating off your onyx sheen
Ah…how very brilliant you are!

How wild you look
And how incredibly free
My heart beats like a caged animal
In witness to your unlocked soul

Your glorious mane blows
in liberations zephyr
Long and streaming, lustrous blackness

With all the mysteries of you
glowing in your eyes
Such knowing eyes
Your dark chocolate
glistening eyes
That gaze the distance
with wisdom and silence

Proud head, held erect
muscles ripple in the still
I seem to feel I have stumbled on
Something so incredible
To behold you in your moment

Oh, how my soul vociferates….
Yes….cries to you

On that grassy eminence of green
As you ponder when your spirit shall unlock its still
And dash the summer strawberries
In your vivacious way
I cannot help but envy you….

Oh, ebony stallion…..
(As you break into a canter,
and I hear those hoof beats pounding,
and your mane blowing gaily on a mid July breeze)

Run free….just run free!
For you… and for me!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Broken, shattered, you splatter it all
Sky blue crystals of a bled dry heart
Beating fiercely from a precipice fall
Of love (false) whispers find a start
Festering with a tattered shawl
Ballooning out to shred apart

A blushing dream of sweetest hue
Unrequited..... (be it) the clue

Multi colors bleed from hands
You splash the canvas painting pain
A bleeding story unfolds and lands
with swirls of red, an angry rain
Blue and black intermingle and brand
Arrayed in light, this brilliant stain

Heart breaks tempest found its cease
Formed in its wake, a masterpiece.....

Eyes Of The City

Watchful eyes

with a clarity unmatched
speaking without words
vision whispers stories
of those who walk the night
of those who claim the darkness
as their own

These eyes of the city follow closely
mostly ghostly
prying into the nakedness of your soul
your deepest thoughts and secrets

You feel and unexplained coldness
more than a chill but less than a thrill

There are no hiding places
for the eyes of the city
sees all

Monday, February 23, 2009

Cloaked Prescience

Silence tramples this warm beating cave
Puncture wounds, severed, beaten, and bruised
Thine eyes (whispered) a whimper...confused
Silence...on bated breath......await the wave
that thus empowers and laugher's save
Message imparts (printed) feeling used
This enigma, worship, (a pine) refused
Lips that any crimson blood would crave

For love (this destiny) shifts so fast
Upon a crest, risen, a shimmer
A silver mad, that dashes past.....
Apricot hues, red (wild) hot simmer
Upon a phantasm that finds no last
Pages unwritten...shadows...thus cast

Thorn Of A Rose

Shattered glass that reflects a hue less light
Fractured wounds unhealed in a dormant heart
Fisted wails lost...drift a lake of star sight
Listless eyes (disillusioned) stand apart

Dark walls torment and shred this Juliet
Fire leaves the ash of a weakened power
A punctured place of burned out "can't forget"
Entombed...chained in an ebony tower

A (defective) dream of "please love THIS me"
Hidden beneath a haunt of Southern Sweet...
Red truth glares....unaccepted cannot be
HALT! Romeo conquers not this defeat
Oh, to only fall headlong like the brave....
But mausoleum walls enslave this cave....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Welcome Christie!

I would like to take a moment to welcome a beautiful writer/artist and poet. Christie Moses! Welcome to the PEGS Poets family. I have been a huge fan since day one! Please let your pen feel at home here! I (we) look forward to hearing from you!

Alya and the PEGS Family!

Ending Without Begin

I feel the ache on my skin
whispers of ending
without begin

Soft shreds of passion
with tender taste of want
Wine on my lips
red and dripping
Longing for a chance
to taste you....

I feel the needle pricks
and knife jabs
in my soul
that tatter my heart
and shred it whole enemy
of dark cloak
and dagger thrusts

I cherish the moments
that hold particles of you
like the dust of wind
Blowing soft tendrils
of quiet callings
of sweet fallings
and i...
a precipice lodged
gazing at the chasm...

Longing forever holds me
to only be...
'tis not...have not...
A beggar...
I ride
a sky of dreams

Lost inside a memory

Soul Mates

A familiar ambiance…she had known this air….
This sand she had felt on her feet before
Ripe red strawberries grew wild somewhere
For, they’d shared them on a quiet shore
Her soul felt stripped…..naked…left bare
A man once whispered love ever more

These eyes of hers had never seen this place
Yet her soul sang of his hands on her face

His fingers once kissed a gentle caress
On her starving mouth that craved his touch
His lips made her an angelic mess
Wild eyed passion…a brush fire crutch
His hands reminisced her summer dress
Love and fear that she could feel so much

Yes, in a sometime, somehow she’d been here
How she missed those distant near....

Ripe Rich Colors

Phantasm broods in a conundrum of tears
Cherry blossoms blush and perfume the air
A poignant scent yet dark raven appears
As the sloe black abyss engulfs her stare

Scarlet red tulips and luscious sweet pea
Cinnamon and jade mix carmine and teals
Hues of deep verdant blow kisses to trees
As he storms in and this naked heart steals

Roiling high seas and boiling hot waves
toss her upon their ultramarine kiss
With raspberry passion that orchids crave
metempsychosis for a peonies bliss

Arrest bronze eyes on these blooming lips
where strawberries wait for slow sweet sips

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Note From P.E.G.S Editor...

Hello Fellow Poets!

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PEGS Editor~

Welcome Harlem 360!

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to personally welcome Harlem 360 to the PEGS Poets family! We are looking forward to hearing from her pen.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Jan's Crimson

Thank you Jan...

This piece was inspired by Jan Mader who challenges writers to write. This is what I came up with for the challenge of the color red...


Beautiful marigolds dancing in my mind
Reminders of you
Of love

Swirling thoughtlessly...
Remembering crimson's sunlight
That sat so warmly in the hands
Of a bellowing ember in the bitter cold of winter

You fall into my mind on a day that
Recalls love to my heart
Like the rose that sits in solitude
Withering away
Crimson's light shines in to water my soul

© Alya Landry 2008

Friday, February 6, 2009


I wrote this piece for a very good author who lost her husband some years ago. She described him in such a way the title was very fitting. Thanks MJH

Michael Franks: How I Remember You

Time holds me for a moment and you are here with me
When the moments have passed, you are still the only one I see
Indelibly written on my heart
Your spirit fills the space between
So I never have to feel the emptiness of apart
Our love spreads in all directions
It wraps me 'round when loneliness visits
Bringing back the happiness
That only my heart has felt
Each other we understood
To, for, and with me you were so good
O, how I remember you on a day like this
I could never unweave you from my heart
That you have tenderly kissed
You are etched vividly in my life
Indelibly penned
You, my husband and I your wife...

© Alya Landry 2008

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Longest Good-Bye

Tears fall as you turn and walk away
My heart begging

Dying for you to stay
Our eyes say what our
Silent whispers won't
They tell you not to look
Back only to see my head hanging
Low to the earth and the drizzle's
Shower begin to beat me

Don't look back to see
Me with the memory of
You and I drenching from my heart
Slipping through my fingers
As I drop to my knees trying to hold on to you
Let me remember the happiness
That was you and I
Me and you

Don't say a word
Just let me smile at your
Solemn stare and let me
Cry this flood of emotions
Running standing still inside of me

Let me have the memory of holding your
Senses in the palm of my hands
And let me wonder you

With eyes screaming quietly
We let go… and O how we wished
That it were hello's beginning
Instead of ending's good-bye...

© Alya Landry 2008

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just For A Moment

As the moon gives its last wink of light
We stare embraced until
All we can do is welcome night
"Shhhh"...the breeze whispers
Nature tickling our backs
We quietly thank her
Holding this moment as if it's our last
We know with time the sun will
Hug the moon
And we will let go as our moment

Held has now passed...

© Alya Landry 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

VSL..The Microphone Conversations

Me and this thing is suppose to be
We are as natural as the combs of honey
From the hives of bees

I grab hold of these virgin steel lips
The smell sweet yet cold
That I have never kissed

My heart would be free if I'd just let go

I wrap my hand around his hip
That dips like that and this
What stops me from doing it
Is my sin so shameful
I'm marked prohibited?

Do I need protection since I am infected
My mental standing erected
Maybe I'm afraid of rejection
Of injecting my fornicated pen
Into this virgin's head

Amplify my sin
Spews from within
Thoughts running wild
Where do I begin?

© Alya Landry 2009


hey gal
all young and frayed
what be yo name?

you remind me of innocence
that ain't passed this way since...
hey gal, why yo hair so nappy
and yo clothes so filthy
ain't you got

no mammy
no pappy?

hey gal
all young and frayed
what be yo name?
why you stare
like i'm barely there
don't you speak none
is you dumb?

why, sa i am but a gal
who came into this world
born free but shamed
by the hands of yo men
my mammy was raped

it was her innocence that once passed
stripped from her nakedness like a sash
tell me sa, does my eyes look familiar
does yo disgust like mine feel similar?

i traveled through the
the trenches
so please forgive me if
my hair be nappy
my clothes filthy
but you see sa
i come by way of
my mammy
the one you sold
now gone
why do you call me gal?
when you sa
is my pappy?

© Alya Landry 2009

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Saying It Would Mean...

Saying it would mean...
How I feel
Tell me...

Would that make us real?

I've painted imaginings of you

Perfect in every way
My mouth wants to speak

I want to tell you, love
But what would I say?

I see you
Stare's stare -intense
My head hangs low in lament
You're so close
And yet we've never met
Only a moment dividing us
Eyes can only ask "what?"

Afraid to lose
The game only played
And still no moves

I draw imaginings of you
And what we could be
I could say it but
Saying it would mean...

© Alya Landry 2009

Monday, December 29, 2008

No Strings Attached...

Here we are- no strings attached right?
No regrets?
Ending where we met
Just a few things...
Remember to forget
All that was never spoken
But how it was always felt

To erase "this"
Should we have walked backwards
So we can move forward?
I mean, don't get me wrong because
There aren't any strings attached -right?
Can we let this day turn to night
So we don't have to see good-bye?

How strange this feels...
Tomorrow how do I deal
With the empty space
That once held your face
Do we just drop a dime
And say thanks for the time?

Why do you smile
While I'm desperately trying to

Unweave you from my heart
That's slowly dying

We knew it would end
But how do we leave when

I was just about to begin
To tell you I love you
With all that I am and everything that you are
Because you and I just don't equal apart

No strings attached right?

Then why can't we let go?...

© Alya Landry 2008

Did You Forget?

Did you forget?
Love…tender and sweet
Once held within a space
Shared by hemispheres

Recall if you will
How I beckoned to you
Without a word
Did you forget?

The dwelling that lies within
Stands open and empty
Without you
Tell me…
Did you forget?

Talk to me
Let me take in your air
Because I cannot breathe
My peace - warring
My simplicity
Unfamiliar and complex

Me you left
Tell me love
Did you forget?...

© Alya Landry 2008

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Virgin Steel Lips (Once Again)

I'm nervous as hell
But I'm about to crack out of this shell
Let this gift sift through virgin steel lips
That have never kissed amplified sin
That digs so deep that outside wants in
This pen keeps dribblin', scribblin'
Bouncing and shooting
All my fears I'm trying to miss
But they keep going in

Blessed of hand and of tongue
I am many, but really only one
I'm nervous as hell as I step to this
But it ain't no way to conquer it other than to do it

Let me flow...

Check the math
Pen + Pad = me
Divisible by only who I know how to be
Multiplied by endless possibilities
= my truths and words
pull y'all ears to this
I know you hear
But tell me if you heard

My sin lies buried in once blank canvases
That now bear the wounds of pain and
Fornicated crevises
My healing cannot begin
Until I voice my sin

Cold is this steel
That warms my soul
I hold it tight
So it can feel my fright

I open my mouth to put it down
Ain't no turning back now
I'm about to let go

© Alya Landry 2008


I didn't mean to be rude
Honestly, I didn't even know
You weren't in the mood
I guess, I can take for granted
That you will always lie there
And take what I have to say
I just assumed that each
Other we understood
But now I see your hurt
And pain and it ain't all good
How do I begin to say
"I'm sorry?"
I want you to know I understand
I ponder...
The only thing I can say
When you and I can't be
And my thoughts need a place to land:

Monday, December 22, 2008

Moon's Cover

I pulled the moon like stretched cotton to cover me
From the cold- a cold that lies deep
Within a worn soul that has lost its hold
I would turn loose, but where would I go?
The bottom has fallen from under
So I hold tighter to my cover of the moon
As it protects me from the cracks thunder
Tucked away until the anger passes
It's burning and I can taste the seeped in
Bitter ashes of consequence
I'm peeling from head to heel
There is nothing to numb the pain
The sting of sin is all I feel
My spirit collapses and the fierce rumble of anger
Finally subsides
I roll back the cover of the moon
To feel peeks of light

© Alya Landry 2008